Step into the future of data-driven energy management with the Logging feature of the Smart BMS App. Gain invaluable insights into your battery system’s performance, track historical data, and make informed decisions to optimize your energy usage like never before.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

The Logging feature provides a comprehensive overview of your battery system's health and performance over time. Dive into detailed charts and graphs showcasing voltage trends, temperature variations, charge-discharge cycles, and more. Understand your energy patterns at a glance.

Empower Your Energy Journey

The Logging feature empowers you to take control of your energy journey. Armed with data-backed insights, you can embrace sustainable practices, optimize battery performance, and contribute to a greener, more efficient future.

Spot Anomalies and Take Action

Be proactive in safeguarding your battery system. The Logging feature keeps a watchful eye on any anomalies in performance. Receive alerts if any parameter deviates from the norm, enabling you to take prompt action and prevent potential issues.

Your Energy Performance at a Glance

Data Security & Privacy

Your privacy is our priority, and we adhere to strict data protection measures.

Embrace the Power of Logging

Unlock the potential of data with the Logging feature.

Shareable Reports

Effortlessly share performance reports with your energy consultants, technicians, or other stakeholders.

Identify Performance Trends

Knowledge is power, especially in energy management.