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Explore the Smart BMS App FAQ for quick answers to common inquiries about our powerful battery management application.

The Smart BMS App is a powerful application that allows you to monitor, manage, and optimize your Battery Management System (BMS). It works by connecting wirelessly to your BMS, providing real-time data on voltage, temperature, capacity, and more, enabling you to control and fine-tune BMS settings for improved battery performance.

Connecting your BMS to the app is a straightforward process. Ensure your BMS has wireless communication capabilities, then follow the simple on-screen instructions within the app to establish a secure bluetooth connection between your device and the BMS.

With the Smart BMS App, you can monitor a wide range of data related to your Battery Management System (BMS). The app provides real-time and historical information to help you optimize the performance and health of your battery system.

Absolutely! The Smart BMS App offers convenient remote control over your BMS settings. You can adjust charge and discharge parameters, set up safety limits, and customize configurations tailored to your energy needs.

The app is available for iOS, MacOS, Windows, Android and Web. You can download it from the respective app stores.